Alte Rockers  


Dick E. Bird
Keyboards, Vocals
Dick E. Bird was the youngest of four sons born to P. Divert (AKA The Great White Antelope) and Lois (AKA The Navigator). Music became Dick E.ís life long obsession and life long affinity when he first remembered listening to music coming from the TV and seeing the NBC peacock in brilliant black and white. As Dick E. grew, so did his interest in the arts. He played the lead character in Marvelous Marvin Martinís 6th grade original production ďThe Giant Shrinker.Ē His musical interests included guitar, learned at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, clarinet, harmonica, kazoo, and piano. Music interruptus occurred with a stint on the New Trier High School swim team. His brain waterlogged after 4 years in the pool, Dick E. was known as The Dolphin because he could travel vast distances underwater and talk simultaneously. When his head dried out, Dick E. attended Duke University, where his interest in the Duke University Marching Band (DUMB) was ignited by the bandís unique choreography and sound. Unfortunately DUMB lacked an opening for Dick E. Eventually Dick E. moved back to Chicago and settled down in the suburbs working as a CPA, where he met and married an Irish lass, Beth. Soon they were proud parents of two strapping young lads, Aaron McFarren and Barry OíLeary. But music still raged in his soul. Somewhat bored with his daily routine, he recalled the DUMB days and realized his true calling was music. The Alte Rockers, passionate in their performances, parodies and satire, fulfill Dick E. Birdís inner spirit.
Guitar, Vocals
Schticks, aka Mike Levin, is the go-to-drummer (and bicycle repair/real estate guy) for much of the North Shore/Chicago Area. When he is not playing gigs the the Alte Rockers, you can catch his insane, manic-energy-ridden performances with Ovadya, The Mosquitos and Farbrengiton. He also plays with Chainsaw Dupont, Shirley King, Lucky Lopez, The Grips, H Allan Band, Heavy Shtetl, Paul Alodi and the A Team, Even Sh'Siyah and many more. Or, catch Mike jamming at the VIBE having pissing contests with all the other drummers in the tri-state area.
Bass, Vocals
Scruffy was born to a very well to do a milchig butcher's family in Great Neck, NY. Schooled at Choate and bribed into Princeton, Scruffy poured into his studies learning about computers. At the end of the century, he convinced his parents to loan him several millions for dollars to develop He unfortunately bankrupted his parents and himself, not only due to the dot-com bust, but that he did not account for the strength of a rival website, With most of his industries jobs outsourced, he learned to play mean bass. He disappears for months at a time, managing to stay one step ahead of his parents, who have a lien against his estate and already got one of his Rickenbackers.
Vocals, Guidance
Shpilkes comes from a long line of females dating back to her great-great-great grandmother. She had a promising career in law until her partnership in Gornisht, Helfen and Gevalt was revoked because she kept finding herself guilty in court. Her next career in flower sales blossomed, giving her a chance to indulge in her true passion--corrupted rock 'n' roll parodies. Shpilkes was the cantor at JRC (The Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation) for 10 years, until they discovered that she was leading the Alte Rockers (they thought she said "Hot Rockets").